Dedicated Servers Plan and Pricing

A dedicated server is a kind of remote server which is completely committed to a single corporation or application.dedicated server is absolutely specified for one purpose and is not shared with any other client website, service or application.

HP DL120 G7 1x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3-1230 (Quad-Core, 4x 3,20 Ghz) 3.20 GHz 16GB DDR3 1x 4TB SATA2 1 Free IPv4 10TB / Month Rs.8,000/mo $112/mo Buy Now
DELL R240 1x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E-2274G (Quad-Core, 4x 4,00 Ghz) 4.0 GHz 32 GB DDR3 2x 4TB SATA2 1 Free IPv4 10TB / Month Rs.9,500/mo $133/mo Buy Now
DELL R210-2 1x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3-1270v2 (Quad-Core, 4x 3,5 Ghz) 3.5 GHz 16 GB DDR3 2x 2TB SATA2 1 Free IPv4 30TB / Month Rs.8,500/mo $119/mo Buy Now
DELL R240 1x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E-2274G (Quad-Core, 4x 4,0 Ghz) 4.0 GHz 32 GB DDR3 2x 4TB SATA2 1 Free IPv4 30TB / Month Rs.9,500/mo $133/mo Buy Now
DELL R240 1x Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E-2286G (Quad-Core, 6x 4,0 Ghz) 4.0 GHz 64 GB DDR4 2x 480GB SSD 1 Free IPv4 10TB / Month Rs.13,500/mo $189/mo Buy Now
HP DL180 G6 2x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5620 (Quad-Core, 4x 2,40 Ghz) 2.40 GHz 32 GB DDR3 6x 3TB SATA2 1 Free IPv4 10TB / Month Rs.10,500/mo $147/mo Buy Now
DELL R630 2x Intel Deca-Core Xeon E5-2630v4 (Quad-Core, 10x 2,20 Ghz) 2.20 GHz 256 GB DDR4 4x 480GB SSD 1 Free IPv4 10TB / Month Rs.24,400/mo $341/mo Buy Now


Dedicated Servers makes the site load fast, and makes the back-end more secure. High uptime and total control over the infrastructure reduce the risk of losing business. Dedicated Server are easy to manage and a value for money investment.

Cloud hosting plans offer scalable server resource allocation based on hardware virtualization, whereas dedicated server plans include a fixed allocation of isolated RAM, CPU, & SSD/HDD storage that can provide better performance and increased security for online business applications.

We Guarantee 100% UPTIME

We provide you with a 100% uptime guarantee which covers the availability of our servers

We believe that a good company consists of well-educated and experienced people

Our guarantee excludes like Scheduled maintenance time and Malicious activities such as Denial of Services attack.

Know your audience and track your website's performance using Webalizer and AWStats.

Ultra Fast & Secure Servers

All of our nodes are equipped with the latest & fastest Intel/AMD enterprise processors, 256GB+ of RAM

Allowing for plenty of resources for all Dedicated hosted

Allows multiple independent OS to share a single hardware host and a great control.

This gives better isolation & security to each virtual server without compromising on performance.

Enterprise Level SSD - SAN Storage

For optimum performance all of our enterprise level SAN storage servers utilize state of the art SSD drives.

Our new Dedicated is built on highly robust technology.

All of our servers are highly available, and equipped with 100% redundant components!.

Our network is also equipped with DDoS protection to help you fight any attacks.

Root Level Access

Having full root-level access signifies that you will be able to access and customize each file on a specific server

A Dedicated server is accessed at the root level through a root user, which has full privileges to perform Any task.

Users who require complete control, you can with command line root level SSH access.

You are able to install different frameworks or media streaming software, for example, without a problem.

Ready to Use Provisioning

Get your Dedicated server up and running in 24-48 Hours Minimum

you need it. With fully automated provisioning, your Dedicated will be ready to use in a matter of 1-2 Days.

Your computing resources are guaranteed to be available at all times.

Dedicated server for websites that allows your website working with High Load with stability.

Quality Support

Our highly skilled server support team is available round-the-clock 24/7/365.

Solve your issues that you face with Login, Server boot up, Initial configuration including basic firewall.

Dedicated Server network or hardware, rDNS setup and wide range of cPanel functions.

The event of a failure our engineers would start working on it without you requiring to submit a support ticket.


Web Host World Hosting Service Include 24/7/365 Support via Ticket. We are providing you best and quality support. Our Support Team Average Response time is 1 Hour. Our 99.9% Network uptime guarantees to make a live your website.

  • 24/7/365 SUPPORT

    We have the best staff to attend to your queries and give fast solution. Our support will never be outsourced because of we have cared our Client and is only to provided by our own skilled technicians.


    We give you chance to host your site to our server without any risk. Our server is not supported on your demand & technology then we refund your money.

  • 99.9% UPTIME

    Our Powerful server With redundant hardware and uplinks, we'll always be online. Networks always the highest uptime. We can be sure your website will always an online and performing as its best.